How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Each piece of clothing you see on this website is custom printed just for you. We do not keep any inventory on hand. Please allow 7-10 business days for your order to be processed, printed and shipped. Please note that for some orders items may ship separately and there is no additional shipping charge when this happens. 

Do you ship worldwide?

YES WE DO!! Please note that all orders are shipped from the United States and thus any orders shipped outside of the US will take longer. We are so sorry about it but it is out of our control. Though this is not an exact timing and we cannot provide that most of our international customers find that it usually takes an extra 1-2 weeks on top of our normal 7-10 time frame for domestic customers.

Do you accept returns?

At this time we are unable to accept physical returns of any kind. We use print on demand technology which means that when you place an order they are custom made for you. Should you receive the wrong item or there is an issue with your order please reach out via email: gary@hardworkalwayswins.com ASAP so that we can assist. We are also available through Facebook Messenger.

What if I forgot to enter a promo code?

At this time we are unable to modify the order once it is placed, so please make sure that you are entering your code at checkout in the provided box before submitting your order. You will be able to see and verify that it is applied to your total before you submit your order. 

Why is there a vinegar odor on the shirts and hoodies? 

The odor comes from a primer commonly used in DTG printing that fuses ink to the fibers of the garment. Without it, the ink wouldn't hold well and the colors would fade away very quickly! Not to worry, after 1 wash it goes away. Needless to say we strongly recommend washing before you put it on for the first time.

Do you offer any sort of affiliate, ambassador programs or sponsorships?

At this time we don't have a concrete program but are currently developing one. We are taking individual sponsorship and ambassadors on a case by case basis at this time. You may reach out via e-mail if you have interest in participating by sending a message to: gary@hardworkalwayswins.com

(more FAQ to be added soon)